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Located just on the outskirts of downtown Dubuque, Iowa, Alpine Park Community provides a peaceful and safe community. Enjoy lovely views and Dubuque's infamous rolling hills. Enjoy an atmosphere that's both senior and family friendly.


Alpine Park Community

Our goal at Alpine Park is to ensure your happiness and provide a community where you can live and entertain guests and friends. We also, through the cooperation of all our residents, have created an atmosphere of privacy, safety, comfort, pleasant and peaceful living.

Whether you are looking for a new mobile home or the opportunity to trade up to a better home, you will find that Alpine Community Park has a selection of mobile homes and homesites to accommodate a wide range of home sizes.



Your Home

What do you think of when you think of manufactured homes? We think of open floor plans, privacy, affordability and flexibility to make it your own.

Property Management

At Alpine Park Community, you are assured that your property will be managed to the highest of standards. Like a family, our residents are treated with the greatest care and concern. Security cameras are located throughout the community, with an onsite property manager available daily from 7 AM-5 PM.

Spacious Living

Imagine your own home nestled in the perfect spot, with your own yard, a place for your pet to play and your own parking spot. At Alpine Park Community, you are welcome to keep a pet, decorate as you see fit, or start your own flower or vegetable garden. Our homes are comfortable, attractive and built to fit all types of lifestyles with 2, 3, and 4 bedroom models available.


We offer our residents a sense of community with a spacious playground and organized events for all ages. Our Storm Shelter also serves as a great meeting spot to host individual events!

Come home to Alpine Park Community

Nestled among the rolling hills of Dubuque, Iowa, we're certain that your next home is in our community.

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